Thursday night I attended the Community College of Alleghany County Legends Dinner on behalf of the Pittsburgh Penguins along with other employees and guests of the organization.  The dinner was held in the East Club Lounge at Heinz Field, the home of the Pittsburgh Steelers (pictured).  The charity event raises a great deal of money for the school (which is located in close proximity to Heinz Field) and honors alumni and notable members of the community. 

In truth I knew little about the school or about the honorees, with one exception.  Art Rooney Jr. was one of the individuals being recognized at the dinner.  As president of the Pittsburgh Steelers, Mr. Rooney is as close as you can be to royalty in the city of Pittsburgh.  I was hoping that he might share some remarks as to how exactly the Steelers have managed to remain so strong in the NFL for so long but unfortunately for this long-suffering Cincinnati Bengals fans, he was gracious and brief.

I might also add that the food was outstanding!  Finding free meals is a critical part of the process when you're an unpaid intern.  Events like these are a great way to network.  My mentor, Abass Kamara, was able to introduce me to a number of people during the proceedings.  Always important to remember that it's not what you know, but who you know.

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