Another example of the Pittsburgh Penguins doing things strictly for the fans is the Big Screen that is put up for fans during the playoffs.  If you're not lucky enough to get inside Consol Energy Center for the game, you can sit outside and watch on a 16' screen for free!  We've been pretty lucky with the weather for the three games in Pittsburgh and as a result, roughly 1,000 fans have shown up to watch the game outside.  Many come hours in advance of the game to get a good seat.

In these pictures you can see the Big Screen in the background and fans already lining up in rows with their chairs and blankets.  The Penguins passed out signs for the fans to wave while they watched the game.  The area is cordoned off and everyone entering the area is searched by security just to make sure that things don't get too rowdy.  As a result, it's a very family friendly atmosphere.  Lots of students come across the street from Duquesne University to watch too.  In these pictures you can see fellow interns Susanne and Ryan trying to look busy...
Here is an article from a local newspaper that talks about one Penguins fan that has been showing up to watch the Big Screen for years with his...trumpet?
Here are a few more pictures of the Big Screen.  In the first one you can see my mentor, the Director of Government Affairs Abass B. Kamara looking on.  Every day that the screen was put up Abass and I would go check in the afternoon to make sure that everything was going smoothly with the setup.  It is Abass' job to make sure that the church next door, which has graciously agreed to let us use their parking lot for the Big Screen is OK with the amount of room that's being utilized. 
This footage, again shot with my iPhone, gives you an idea of where the Big Screen is in relation to the Consol Energy Center.  You will notice also a landscaped area in between the church and the Consol Energy Center.  In the original plans for the building this area was to be a decorative passageway that would lead from Fifth Avenue up to Centre Avenue.  The project is still seeking funding.  Hopefully the passageway will eventually be completed.  For the time being you must walk all the way around the church to get up to Cente Avenue. 

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