One of the things that I do for Kim Wood, the Director of Outreach, is summarize her activities.  This includes meeting minutes and descriptions of other events that we participate in on behalf of the Penguins.  The summaries provide a way to share with others what types of Outreach activit

Below you will find one such summary.  This one was for a program called "The Best Kept Secret".  It's a program that was started by Rob Wilson of Blazer Capital here in Pittsburgh.  The central message of the program is to show high school students that there is a world of possibility out there in terms of finding a successful career.  Nowadays kids are often inundated by images of athletes and entertainers.  Obviously it's very, very difficult to make it big in either one of those industries.  There are lots of successful people out there though that you've never heard of and Rob is seeking to share that message with students.  He does this by exposing students to things that they might not otherwise get a chance to see.

On Friday his group came to the Consol Energy Center and received a tour of the facility.  I took a number of pictures of their visit, all of which are included in the summary which you can access right here:
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