Perhaps this is nothing new to others but I figured I would share.

Do you have an enormous stack of papers in your office or on your desk somewhere that has been accumulating for years?  Perhaps it is a pile of items that you feel are important enough to hold onto, but not important enough to organize in any meaningful fashion?  I know that I used to have many such stacks of paper.

Behold the scanner.  In the past few weeks I have removed massive stacks of paper from the Director of Government Affairs' desk.  All of the items are scanned onto a drive, given a very detailed description in the file name (which includes a date) and then organized into easily transferable folders.  It's so easy!  Although a tad time-consuming to scan all of those documents, the end result is well worth it.  Instead of a stack of papers that are essentially useless except for whatever happens to be on top, now you have a well-organized set of documents on hard drive or server that is easily referable.

Do I sound like a big nerd?

Fair enough.

I'll say it again, I can't tell you how gratifying it is to make those unsightly stacks of paper disappear.  Give it a try, you won't be disappointed.  My only fear is that I did such a good job with Abass' office that now I will be recruited

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