The last two days have been busy.  Lest anyone think that as soon as the Penguins season is over that everything comes to a halt, that certainly has not been my experience over the previous 48 hours.

I have assisted the Director of Outreach, Kim Wood with several initiatives.  The first of those were the Supplier Diversity Program Quarterly meeting.  I helped Kim put together a PowerPoint presentation for the various stakeholders in the program to review.  In addition to the Penguins, there is SMG, which manages the Consol Energy Center facility, and also ARAMARK which handles all of the concessions within the building.  The Supplier Diversity program is designed to provide opportunities to minority owned and women owned businesses.  You can imagine the number of suppliers that a place like the Consol Energy Center utilizes on a daily, weekly, monthly and annual basis.  Everything from garbage bags, to pencils to waste removal and plastic eating utensils have to come from somewhere.  Coordinating the efforts of all of the people involved in purchasing these products requires a great deal of communication and organization.

There was another PowerPoint presentation required for today's First Source Hiring Center Quarterly Meeting.  This meeting was held at the Cambria Suites hotel which is directly adjacent to the Consol Energy Center.  Cambria Suites is one of several different organizations that the Penguins are partnering with to help meet the terms of the Community Benefits Agreement (CBA).  The CBA is a binding document that stipulates Hill District residents are to be given preference for employment opportunities at the Consol Energy Center and the associated businesses.  This includes the hotel, the company that handles the parking, security, the T.G.I.Fridays restaurant and others. 

Finally tonight I went to a community meeting where a presentation was made regarding Bus Rapid Transit (BRT).  This transit system operates very similar to a light rail but utilizes buses.  Because it does not need as much infrastructure, a BRT is considerably less expensive than a rail system, which typically costs a city billions of dollars to implement.  The city of Pittsburgh is considering a BRT and is soliciting feedback from the community.  This particular meeting was held in the Hill District and therefore is relevant to the Pittsburgh Penguins.  To say that the meeting was sparsely attended is an insult to sparsely attended meetings.  There were almost as many representatives of the Penguins (3) as there were residents (4).  Opportunities for public feedback are an important part of the process, but unfortunately the public was none too involved in this particularly forum.  The cookies were good though!

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